Elevated with Brandy Lawson

Season 5 Trailer

September 18, 2023 Brandy Lawson Season 5 Episode 0
Elevated with Brandy Lawson
Season 5 Trailer
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You might have already noticed something new this season. That's right. This podcast has a brand new name. Leverage Your Spark is now Elevated. The new name reflects our updated purpose, helping you build a better kitchen and bath business. In pursuit of this purpose, this season is dedicated to one of the areas that is the most frustrating for design business owners. Sales. Dun, dun, dun. Perhaps you have felt that your sales process could do with a Well, a remodel? Many kitchen and bath design businesses have experienced unprecedented growth during the past few Unprecedented years, right? So, while business was growing, what was happening to your profit line? During times of big change, even great change, like a lot of new clients, ineffective systems can chew away at your profit. This season is all about how tech and system strategy can help make sales smooth sailing, and a boost instead of a bust for your profit. We'll be examining everything from tracking leads... Transcripts, key performance indicators, to sales engagement, and that cherry on top, closing deals. In each bite sized weekly five minute episode, we'll delve into topics like what makes an effective sales system. Using scheduling links effectively, leveraging email and interaction tracking to boost client experience and even demystifying KPIs. You know, how you can actually start to predict sales by looking at what happens before the sale. It's all about working smarter. Not harder. The season will bring you insights into sales engagement and also get a transparent view of what goes on behind the sales curtain will simplify the complex maze of lead stages, discuss system platforms and more. Stay tuned for a season that helps you run your business with less pain and more ease.